Friday, December 3, 2010

Brent's Holiday Sweatshop

Tis the season to be knitting fa la la la la, la la la la! I'm doing very well getting all of my holiday knitting done. I'm almost positive that "IT" wont happen. I have almost all of my cousins projects done that will leave only my dad and step-mom and if there is time my step brothers. My mom found me the coolest wrapping paper it looks like cable knit fabric its awesome I'll post pics of it later I'm knitting every chance I get to be sure not to fall behind. I knit at the store on my breaks at work, on the train, while watching TV. I do kinda feel like Brent's Little holiday sweatshop but I love every moment of it. I've been continuing to love my Tuesday evenings when I go to Stitch N' Bitch I laugh so hard and have such a great time whenever I go, Tuesdays are the highlight of my week. All and all things are going very well for me. I'm surrounded by wonderful people, I love both my jobs, and for the first time in a long time I feel I have a somewhat of a plan for where I'm heading and what the future holds. I continue to be grateful for all that has manifested in my life, and for all the things that will manifest.

Blessings to all

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Get's Better

I'm very upset by the loss of so many gay teens this past month. So I decided to use my blog to post my "It Gets Better Video". October is Gay History Month so in memory of those who felt the were alone and couldn't go on here is my video.

if you are or know a gay teen who thinking about suicide please contact the wonderful people at the Trevor Project

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wedding Hat

This past weekend I went to Texas for my Uncle's Wedding during the trip I knit this hat. I cast on waiting in the airport and knit the whole way there. and then was able to work on it slightly during the weekend while finishing up on the plane ride home. So here is the wedding hat!

in progress...


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Knitiversary!

It has been just about a year that I started knitting and that I became Knitter. That's a capital K knitter, a lifestyle knitter! This year has been incredible. I have a new set of skills that goes back generations. I am part of something centuries old. To me it's an amazing concept. I've made numerous things with may things I still have to try (sweater I will knit you one day, and I'm looking at you too socks).

One of my very favorite things about knitting is my weekly Tuesday night knitting group. The Northside Stich N' Bitch.
This is a very wonderful diverse group of people. Every single person adds something to the group dynamic. There is always advice, incouragement, discussion, and laughter. Tonight I had a picture of us taken to help mark my Knitiversary. Here is all of us:

I love this group and hope to be a part of it for aslong as possible. Tuesday nights are the highlight of my week. Granted I love knitting so having a nice chunk of time to be able and sit and knit is reason in itself to go and brighten my week, but it really is the people I share it with that make's it special.

This year has been a journy and like the best of journeys I've learned alot, but their is always more to learn and ways for me to grow as a knitter. Some of the things I hope to accomplish in the following year are:

  • knit a sweater (maybe start with baby and dog and finish with one for me)

  • do charity knitting

  • knit socks

  • design more charts for fair-isle or duplicate stitch
So keep with me as I continue on this journey.

p.s. my yarn swift came today super excited! And in closing here is a carrot I found on a plate at work that looks like a cable needle:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stash Wars

After many weeks of planning and a trip to Walmart I finally was able to organize my yarn stash back into something more manageable. with a new set of drawers at my disposal nothing would stop me.

Here is the new arrangement of my yarn stash with Takara sitting on top to help show scale. I think the real turning point when I realized i may have had a slight stash problem was when one morning as I was getting dressed and going to put on my undies that i notices a piece of yarn in my clean fresh from the draw undies. A lil perplexed but mostly amused i removed the yarn and continued getting dressed and ready for work. Later that day I was at work ad I was in the bathroom and I happened to notice another piece of yarn in my undies. This time i was slightly less amused. Either the yarn was alive and moving freely around the apartment or I should be jumping for joy that the yarn fumes have mutated me in to a weird yarn spinning spider like creature. And just for the record it was red and shiny with the shimmer in it so I'm not gonna say it didn't come from me lol.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yarn Induced Stroke

I had a very traumatic yarn experience. Yesterday I took grandma shopping and while grocery shopping she bought me a gift card for Joann's. So once I was finished bringing in the groceries i went to pick stuff up for grandma and then went to Joann's before stopping to bring lunch back to Grandma's. While shopping for yarn I found more of the bamboo blend that I've been knitting my shawl with but in a very nice grey. So i grab a few balls of that and some others and a book on knit coffee cozies. And after helping at market days I brought up the bag with yarn and other stuff I picked up. This morning when I went down to my car to go to work before i could even reach to put my key in the door something catches my eye on the ground by my car. It was a ball of my beautiful bamboo blend sitting there on the ground. To make it worse it hard just started to rain before i left the apartment to go to my car. So imagine my shock to find my lovely yarn on the ground in the rain. I picked it up immediately and then got on my hands ad knees to check under the car to be sure that no other balls had been lost. Lucky that was the only one that had been lost. No damage was done to the yarn just to my sanity as I first came to find the yarn on the ground.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Market Days

Today after a long day of taking grandma shopping and then buying yarn hehe :) I went to help out at the Brotherhood of the Phoenix booth at market days for awhile. It was lots of fun, gotta love some good people watching. I got to work on my shawl some more on the train to and from boystown and a lil bit while sitting at the booth. I even had a nice older woman come up and tell me about how she crochets and loves seeing others doing fiber crafts and then she had her friend take her picture with me and my knitting lol. It felt kinda like when I met Debbie Macomber and her people kept filming me while i was knitting in line and such. Apparently I'm a knitting celebrity and I didn't even know it lol!