Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wedding Hat

This past weekend I went to Texas for my Uncle's Wedding during the trip I knit this hat. I cast on waiting in the airport and knit the whole way there. and then was able to work on it slightly during the weekend while finishing up on the plane ride home. So here is the wedding hat!

in progress...


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Knitiversary!

It has been just about a year that I started knitting and that I became Knitter. That's a capital K knitter, a lifestyle knitter! This year has been incredible. I have a new set of skills that goes back generations. I am part of something centuries old. To me it's an amazing concept. I've made numerous things with may things I still have to try (sweater I will knit you one day, and I'm looking at you too socks).

One of my very favorite things about knitting is my weekly Tuesday night knitting group. The Northside Stich N' Bitch.
This is a very wonderful diverse group of people. Every single person adds something to the group dynamic. There is always advice, incouragement, discussion, and laughter. Tonight I had a picture of us taken to help mark my Knitiversary. Here is all of us:

I love this group and hope to be a part of it for aslong as possible. Tuesday nights are the highlight of my week. Granted I love knitting so having a nice chunk of time to be able and sit and knit is reason in itself to go and brighten my week, but it really is the people I share it with that make's it special.

This year has been a journy and like the best of journeys I've learned alot, but their is always more to learn and ways for me to grow as a knitter. Some of the things I hope to accomplish in the following year are:

  • knit a sweater (maybe start with baby and dog and finish with one for me)

  • do charity knitting

  • knit socks

  • design more charts for fair-isle or duplicate stitch
So keep with me as I continue on this journey.

p.s. my yarn swift came today super excited! And in closing here is a carrot I found on a plate at work that looks like a cable needle:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stash Wars

After many weeks of planning and a trip to Walmart I finally was able to organize my yarn stash back into something more manageable. with a new set of drawers at my disposal nothing would stop me.

Here is the new arrangement of my yarn stash with Takara sitting on top to help show scale. I think the real turning point when I realized i may have had a slight stash problem was when one morning as I was getting dressed and going to put on my undies that i notices a piece of yarn in my clean fresh from the draw undies. A lil perplexed but mostly amused i removed the yarn and continued getting dressed and ready for work. Later that day I was at work ad I was in the bathroom and I happened to notice another piece of yarn in my undies. This time i was slightly less amused. Either the yarn was alive and moving freely around the apartment or I should be jumping for joy that the yarn fumes have mutated me in to a weird yarn spinning spider like creature. And just for the record it was red and shiny with the shimmer in it so I'm not gonna say it didn't come from me lol.