Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yarn Induced Stroke

I had a very traumatic yarn experience. Yesterday I took grandma shopping and while grocery shopping she bought me a gift card for Joann's. So once I was finished bringing in the groceries i went to pick stuff up for grandma and then went to Joann's before stopping to bring lunch back to Grandma's. While shopping for yarn I found more of the bamboo blend that I've been knitting my shawl with but in a very nice grey. So i grab a few balls of that and some others and a book on knit coffee cozies. And after helping at market days I brought up the bag with yarn and other stuff I picked up. This morning when I went down to my car to go to work before i could even reach to put my key in the door something catches my eye on the ground by my car. It was a ball of my beautiful bamboo blend sitting there on the ground. To make it worse it hard just started to rain before i left the apartment to go to my car. So imagine my shock to find my lovely yarn on the ground in the rain. I picked it up immediately and then got on my hands ad knees to check under the car to be sure that no other balls had been lost. Lucky that was the only one that had been lost. No damage was done to the yarn just to my sanity as I first came to find the yarn on the ground.

1 comment:

  1. Glad it was only the one ball of yarn! Hope to see a picture of the shawl over at Ravelry. The rest of your knitting is gorgeous!