Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stash Wars

After many weeks of planning and a trip to Walmart I finally was able to organize my yarn stash back into something more manageable. with a new set of drawers at my disposal nothing would stop me.

Here is the new arrangement of my yarn stash with Takara sitting on top to help show scale. I think the real turning point when I realized i may have had a slight stash problem was when one morning as I was getting dressed and going to put on my undies that i notices a piece of yarn in my clean fresh from the draw undies. A lil perplexed but mostly amused i removed the yarn and continued getting dressed and ready for work. Later that day I was at work ad I was in the bathroom and I happened to notice another piece of yarn in my undies. This time i was slightly less amused. Either the yarn was alive and moving freely around the apartment or I should be jumping for joy that the yarn fumes have mutated me in to a weird yarn spinning spider like creature. And just for the record it was red and shiny with the shimmer in it so I'm not gonna say it didn't come from me lol.

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